• Solving The Big Puzzle

    Working with social innovators

  • Our Mission

    Integrating various strengths within South Asia

    to solve problems we focus on and

    impact children at the base-of-the-pyramid

  • We work with

    Changemakers transforming South Asia

    Community-based social organizations


    EL has curated a very selective network of community-based grassroots organizations (45 and growing) that are trying to alleviate poverty in South Asia.


    With a deep-rooted understanding of their work in the grassroots, these organizations are also closely connected with the communities they serve and impact.


    The Changemakers leading these organizations are charting South Asia's future.

    Ecosystem enablers


    An EL ecosystem enabler is an organization/individual that enables community-based grassroots organizations to become catalysts of change by providing them with some form of resource that helps alleviate poverty by addressing one of its various causes.


    EL is building a diverse and rich body of ecosystem enablers.

    Thought-leaders in social development


    Many grassroots organizations in South Asia work with communities with the aim to find ways to deal with problems caused by poverty.


    EL is bringing together a new breed of hands-on thought leaders who not only are aware of the past and the present social landscape but are also fashioned and influenced by new paradigms and approaches to dealing with poverty.

    Organizations invested in poverty alleviation


    In building a fluid ecosystem and promoting a transparent culture, EL is partnering with organizations and networks that value poverty alleviation as a top priority and is binding them together with a common agenda.


    EL is building a collective voice and effort underlined with a collective approach to make the work of the community-based grassroots organizations impactful.

  • Theory of Change

    Build a common platform to create collective impact by bringing together like-minded community-based grassroots organizations and national and international ecosystem enablers to bind them with a common agenda and create collective engagement on focused social issues.​

  • Our Approach

    Core Pillars

    Fluid Ecosystem

    Working with a fluid approach not limited by binding and bureaucratic constraints but built on ambition and creativity.

    Common Agenda

    Creating a collective around a common agenda in a landscape that has a lot of scattered work amidst systemic problems.


    Bringing together scattered efforts and creating a collective voice and impact through cross-learning is core to EL's work.

    Bridging Divides

    Bridging the stark divide that separates grassroots organizations from mainstream organizations and resources.

    4C Framework

    Working with the tried and tested 4C framework to bring together Changemakers in a fluid ecosystem.

  • The journey thus far

    Poverty Alleviation Interventions




  • Grassroot Pilots


    Social R&D Society

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